Highpower Security Products LLC – A vertically integrated American manufacturer.

For over twenty-five years, Highpower has been producing premium access control products designed for rugged use. Our selective product line is designed to be durable and reliable in real-world operating conditions. We market our products under the Highpower brand and also make variant products on an OEM basis to a large number of leading manufacturers.

Push Button Assemblies – Our push plates are used as an exit device for the most rugged and durable switches available. Time-delayed versions use Highpower Security’s proprietary, ultra-rugged pneumatic timer designs.

Pneumatic Timers – Highpower manufactures the most precise, rugged pneumatic timers available, ensuring safety in industrial controls and electromagnetic lock systems. They are prolific and used across many brands in the industry.

Access Controls – The HighpowerOne is a reliable and innovative touch-screen door control panel that can manage up to eight doors per panel with several panels being networked to form a larger control system. These controls are used to manage doors access using proximity cards, smart cards, barcode, magnetic stripe or biometric technologies.

RFID Credentials – HIghpower publishes quality RFID credentials that are designed to be electrically equivalent to more expensive credentials from dozens of popular manufacturers. Compatible credentials include printable cards, clamshell cards, and fobs customized and published to be compatible with your existing access control system. .

– Installers have discovered that our electromagnetic locks are designed to provide the fastest installation possible with unmatched reliability. We can advise on code compliance issues when using electromagnetic locks in access control applications.

– Highpower authors advanced software for door access control applications. Our HMS system is designed to work with all of our access control devices, including the HighpowerOne. We now carry a Phone App for opening doors for the HighpowerOne, the One Credential App.

– Multiple Technology Card Readers – Readers of any combination of barcode, mag-stripe, and proximity cards. Highpower can provide several flexible lines of readers that include stand-alone units, readers that can interface with access control panels, readers that can be networked, and units that can be connected directly to a PC. Many of these readers can be managed with our HMS Management software or utility software packaged with the units. We have readers to read practically any card type, allowing legacy card integration and management into a modern access control system.

– Our full line of proximity card readers. Readers can be ordered to read Farpointe, AWID or HID brands of proximity cards.

– Our American-made power supplies are reliable, feature low noise outputs, and are backed with a 5-year warranty.

Design Services – Highpower designs custom electronic and electro-mechanical products for OEMs and we work as a special projects group. We can design and advise on the deployment of bespoke access control hardware, firmware and software. We have designed and deployed large networked access controls for some of the largest banks and companies in the aerospace sector.

Manufacturing Services – Highpower maintains an in-house metalworking facility with the latest multi-function lathes, milling machines and process equipment. We have an in-house assembly and testing department and do supply chain management on a project level basis.