Lightning 505 Regulated Power Supply

Rugged access control power supplies for electromagnetic locks & access equipment.

The Lightning 505 Regulated Power Supply is a reliable, general purpose access control power supply. It features selectable 12 or 24 VDC 1 Amp output with integrated battery backup, guarding against electrical failure (actual voltage output is 13.8 VDC and 27.6 VDC respectively). This access control power supply is a linear design, so it can work well with sensitive electronics (like powering card readers and door controllers) in addition to powering a selection of access control equipment, including electric strikes and maglocks.

505 Access Control Power Supply Features

  • 12 or 24 VDC regulated 1 AMP output
  • 110 VAC 60 Hz and 220 VAC 50/60 Hz versions available
  • Integrated battery charging circuit
  • Simple installation for both retrofits and new power supply installations
  • Unique heat sinking configuration provides cooler operation, longer life and trouble-free operation (compared with other power supplies)
  • Five year Highpower Security Products warranty
  • Designed and assembled in the USA with both foreign and domestic components.

Power Supply Battery Configurations

Using the battery backup feature with this access control power supply is optional, and there are several battery backup configurations. If you are running the power supply in 12 VDC mode, you can use a 12V 5AH battery, two 12V 5 AH batteries or one 12V 7AH battery. If you are running the power supply in the 24V mode, you should only use two 5AH 12V Led Acid batteries.

To approximate your run time given a particular load, use the following formula:

In 12 VDC mode:[(Total Amp Hour Rating of Batteries) / (Load on power supply in Amps) x 0.65]

In 24 VDC Mode:[(Total Amp Hour Rating of Batteries / 2) / (Load on power supply in Amps) x 0.65]

Available Power Supply Options

  • Optional 9-ft. AC power cord – Allows the connection of 110 power to the unit with a standard electrical cable (includes a grommet for feeding the cord through a knockout hole in the side of the enclosure.)
  • Optional battery cable kit available – Facilitates the connection of lead acid batteries to the backup circuit

Lightning 505 Power Supply Models & Accessories

Part Number Description
H505-110 12/24VDC Power Supply, 110VAC Input
H505-220 12/24VDC Power Supply, 220VAC Input
H505BC Battery Cable Kit
H505BT Backup Battery, 12VDC, 4Ah
H505PC AC Power Line Cord 6ft. w/ Grommet

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