An 8-door access controller that can stand
alone or be networked for controlling large
facilities. Use the panel without a computer
to get your doors running quickly. Talk to
the IT department later when they want
to add networked software control.
An 8-door access control
kit with touch-screen
control panel.
Electromagnetic Locking
Highpower DS-1200 – Electromagnetic lock
kits that comply with NFPA fire safety codes.
A 1200-lb electromagnetic lock kit with fire rated
egress controls. Available for both in-swinging
and out-swinging doors.
DS-1200 – Electromagnetic
lock kits that comply with
NFPA fire safety codes.
Power Supplies
Lighting 505 – Commercial regulated power
supplies for access control. Rugged
power supply for electromagnetic locks and
access control equipment with 12 or 24 VDC
output and included battery backup.
Lighting 505 – A rugged code
compliant door access,
with a regulated power supply.
Thin Client Controller
Highpower 3500 - Thin client
client access kit control
with simple installation
Highpower 3500 – A thin-client access kit
control with simple installation on a TCP/IP
network. An affordable, SQL-based networked
single door access controller with a variety of
reader options and expandable capabilities.

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Since 1997 Highpower Security Products has manufactured reliable, code-compliant door access control systems and security equipment, providing high-performance solutions to protect your business. From individual products to code-compliant access control kits, discover the extreme durability and solid performance that Highpower products provide.

Our experienced staff can work with you to recommend a door access control system package or we can provide a customized solution to fit your needs. We often help to integrate legacy card types into a modern access control solutions. Our mission is to make it easy to deploy code compliant door control hardware properly.