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Access controls for a variety of applications.

Highpower’s door access control system platforms offer flexible selections of hardware that can be controlled with a common software package. The Highpower Management System Enterprise (HMS) software can be deployed to control all Highpower door access controllers and stand-alone readers with the same software. This gives you the flexibility to intermix any Highpower access control product into your installation allowing you to control a variety of card types in the same system.

Our door access controllers and devices are available separately, or as part of a kit with card readers and wiring diagrams included. When you order a door access control kit, everything needed to control the locking hardware is included, which allows you to quickly install your new system. We can also customize the door access kits by including power supplies and locking hardware, tailoring the hardware supplied with the kit for your specific application. Our access control panels and stand-alone readers can also be networked together to control many doors over multiple facilities. Highpower provides personal technical support with every order to help you get your new door access control system up and running. We can also provide remote software installation and direct technical assistance if your computer is connected to a high-speed Internet connection.

Access Control Product Network Connection Card Reader Support Door Access
Kit Contents
Key Benefits
HighpowerOne Optional 10/100 Ethernet and WiFi Onboard Wiegand/ABA
  • Twelve 37 bit cards
  •  P500 Single Gang-Mountable Reader
  • Usb Flashdrive
  • HMS Software
  • Reader
  • Instruction Manual
  • Mounting Plate
  • Controls 8 Doors
  • Weigand or ABA readers
  • Audit Trail, Schedules Holidays Access Levels
  • Fully programmable for different card formats.
  • Has touchscreen that allows you to program the unit without software.
HighpowerPico 10/100 Ethernet Required Wiegand/ABA • Door controller
• Power Supply
• Locking hardware
• P500 Proximity Card Reader
• HMS Software
• 12 Volt Plug in Power Adapter
• Controls 1 Door
• Very affordable
• Wiegand or ABA readers
• Popular card formats pre-programmed.
• Networked “Thin Client” Device, requires a constant network connection to the included server software to operate.
JX Series Readers Required Networked or Connected to a Panel.  A card reader to read a variety of card types. Reader Only • Controls 1 Door, can also be used with a controller above.
• Available with or without Power Over Ethernet
• Allows the use of combinations of magstripe, barcode and proximity cards.

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