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Access control software powered by SQL Server.

The Highpower Management System (HMS) is our SQL-based access control management software designed for high-performance and scalability. This access software is authored and maintained by our Connecticut-based engineering department. It is designed for deployment by IT departments and customers that require the reliability and manageability provided by Microsoft SQL Server, for safe and reliable door access control.

HMS Access Control Software Features

  • Multiple computers can manage the same access control system using client-server based technology
  • Virtually unlimited number of door controllers or readers and card holders
  • HMS Server runs as a Windows Service to log transactions, even when the client software is not running
  • Email alerts notify if a particular card or card holder has accessed the system
  • Hyper-syncing – Synchronize with multiple controllers simultaneously dramatically cutting down the time to update systems with many devices
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data import
  • Data export to many formats, with redesigned Microsoft reporting
  • AES encrypted communications when using the HighpowerOne controller

Software Installation

Download HMS Enterprise V5.4

Download HMS Software Installation Manual

If you require assistance with the installation of HMS Enterprise, please call us at 203-634-3900. Using your high-speed Internet connection, Highpower Security Products can setup the system remotely for you. We will setup both purchased and trial systems at your request.

HMS Software Installation & Compatibility

The Highpower Management System Software has been tested to run on 64-bit Windows 10 & Windows Server 2010.

Access Control Software Version Information

HMS Client
Current build number is: 5.4.7236.21596 (October 14, 2019)
Download the Client Revision History

HMS Server
Current build number is: 5.4.7236.21302 (October 14, 2019).
Download the Server Revision History

HighpowerOne Firmware
Current firmware number is V2.6 (BUILD 114) (October 24, 2019) included in the software distribution.

8000 Controller Firmware
Current core firmware number is: V01.31 Apr 2015.
Current TCPIP firmware number is: 4.53.
Download the 8000 Firmware Revision History
Flash your 8000 controller with the latest core firmware.

STA Firmware
Current firmware number is V8.0 (Jan 11, 2008) for STA readers compatible with HMS.

The download distribution contains all of the latest patches. Call Highpower sales at 203-634-3900 for installation assistance.

Many Highpower Security products have been designed to function with our HMS access control software. These include:

Electromagnetic Locks

Durable magnetic door locks with 1200lb holding force, with different mounting options.

Pneumatic Timers

Required for safety codes, they keep the door unlocked for a set amount of time in case of emergency.

3500 Door Access Control System Kit

All the items for single door access control, for use with a PC or network.

Access Control Software

Highpower’s own access control software.

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