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Enterprise level access control software powered by SQL Server 2019.

The Highpower Management System (HMS) is our SQL-based access control management software designed for high-performance and scalability.

HMS is designed to run under the Windows 10 – 64 Bit operating system and is comprised of four main applications that create a client/server-based environment, used to manage access control hardware. These four applications include HMS Client, HMS Server, HMS Server Manager and the Microsoft SQL Server Database.

HMS Client is the main application that users use to manage the system. HMS Client allows administrators to add users, manage user IDs, setup holidays, schedules, access levels, email alerts and can be used to monitor the status of the hardware in the system. HMS Client is the daily working interface to the system and can be used remotely to administer the access control system.

HMS Server is an advanced high-speed parallel threaded network management application that runs in the background under Windows, running as a Windows service. This application continually operates to manage network traffic to the access control hardware, to collect data from the hardware in a continuous manner and handles requests between multiple instances of the HMS Client application and the network hardware. Each HMS installation must have only one HMS Server but may have multiple HMS Clients.

HMS Server Manager is a small application that is used to manage the underlying database and operations of the HMS Server. HMS Server Manager is used to create HMS databases, start, and stop the HMS Server service.

The Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular and powerful databases available for the Windows environment and is used to quickly store, recall, and manage data entered the system. The HMS Server communicates with the database continually to handle requests from the Clients and to log system events.

Key Features

• Designed to work with the HighpowerOne, HighpowerPico, Highpower 8000, and JX Series card read hardware.
• Updated client software provides fully automatic database sync processes with the HighpowerOne and HighpowerPico controllers.
• Can handle virtually unlimited number of door controllers or readers.
• One click full server package deployment.
• Client-Server based technology allows multiple computers managing the same access control system.
• Virtually unlimited number of ID holders.
• Real-Time card activity logging.
• IPV4 and IPV6 support with WINs.
• HMS Server runs as a Windows Service to log transactions even when the client software is not running and no one is logged into the Windows computer.
• Email Alerts, HMS can send emails notifying that a particular card or card holder has accessed the system.
• Hyper-Syncing, HMS can synchronize with multiple controllers simultaneously (up to 32,000 units at one time) dramatically cutting down the time to update systems with many pieces of hardware.  Up to 4200 IDs per minute transfer rates with the HighpowerOne controller.
• Updated CSV data import feature.
• Re-optimized code speeds up transactions with the Microsoft SQL database.
• Uses TCP/IP based communications fast client transactions with the HMS Server.
• Designed to run on Windows 10 64 Bit with minimal processor load.

This access software is authored and maintained by our Connecticut-based engineering department and is continually revised based on customer feedback and technical support issues. It is designed for deployment by IT departments and customers that require the reliability and manageability provided by Microsoft SQL Server, for safe and reliable door access control over both large and small installations.

Software Installation

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If you require assistance with the installation of HMS, please call us at 203-634-3900. Using your high-speed Internet connection, Highpower Security Products can setup the system remotely for you. We will setup both purchased and trial systems at your request.  There are also software installation instructions in the distribution.

HMS Software Installation & Compatibility

The Highpower Management System Software has been tested to run on 64-bit Windows 10.  Expected to also run on Windows Server 2019.

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