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Precise and rugged pneumatic miniature timers.

Highpower’s Caliber 750 Mechanical Pneumatic Timers are miniature momentary time delay switches for OEM applications. Pressing the switch button, actuates the switch’s contacts. These contacts stay actuated for a set time delay, which is adjusted using the brass knob at the back of the switch. Turning the brass knob controls an internal flow of air that regulates the time delay.

These mechanical timer units are used in many switch assemblies for security and industrial control applications. Close manufacturing tolerances, hand-built attention to detail and all-metal construction provides improved, more repeatable precision timing cycles and long life performance.

Our 750-4000 Model is a miniature pneumatic timer, often used for applications where smaller space is a factor.  Larger footprint timer models provide longer timing intervals with better performance.  All 750 timers feature “Form Z” switch contacts (one pole “normally open” and a second separated pole for “normally closed”).  750-1000 pneumatic timer and 750-4000 pneumatic timer models are furnished with wires. 750-2000 and 750-4100 pneumatic timers are furnished with terminal blocks. Made in U.S.A.

Caliber 750 Mechanical Pneumatic Timer Features

  • All-metal construction for long life
  • Precise, repeatable time delays
  • Tuning from 1 second to 45 seconds
  • Precision timer intervals over 1 minute on models 750-1000 & 750-2000
  • Cross recognition available for O.E.M.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Pneumatic Timer Models

Part Number Description
H750-1000 750 Series Precision Pneumatic Timer with Wire Leads Form Z
H750-2000 750 Series Precision Pneumatic Timer with Terminal Block Form Z
H750-4000 750 Series Miniature Pneumatic Timer with Wire Leads Form Z
H750-4100 750 Series Miniature Pneumatic Timer with Terminal Block Form Z

Download the 750-1000 and 750-4100 pneumatic timer model datasheets.

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