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Dual-access security control solution.

With the P-620 series, Highpower provides a stylish dual-use reader for use on narrow style frames offering users access with a keycode and/or 125-kHz proximity readers and cards. Based on proven contactless digital radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the P-620 works with a wide range of electronic access control systems perfectly suited for doors, parking garages, turnstiles and other areas where security is of utmost importance.

When using a proximity card, P-620 provides a read range of up to five inches. Additionally, the cards and tags are passive devices, which eliminate maintenance by not requiring a battery and can support several different proximity reader technologies. The device can be mullion-mounted on any flat surface including metal doors and window frames.

The P-620 proximity card reader & keypad is available by special order.

P-620 Proximity Card Reader Features

  • MAXSecure™ unique security
  • fleaPower™ energy-conservation technology
  • Pro-X™ read-range boosting technology
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Wiegand output interface

Proximity Card Reader Models

Part Number Description
P-620 Pyramid Series Proximity® Cards and Tags
P-620-H Pyramid + certain HID® 125-kHz Proximity protocols
P-620-A Pyramid + certain AWID® 125-kHz Proximity protocols
P-620-AH Pyramid + certain HID® 125-kHz Proximity protocols + certain AWID® 125-kHz Proximity protocols

Ranger Reader

A long-range proximity reader that is ideal for parking garages and other large areas.

JX Barcode & Magnetic Stripe Readers

Card swipe, barcode and prox readers interfaced with a panel or PC.

3500 Door Access Control System Kit

All the items for single door access control, for use with a PC or network.

HighpowerOne Touchscreen Controller

Touchscreen access control panel supporting eight doors per panel.

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