Wiegand Sure Fi

Sure-Fi Wiegand Wireless Bridge

Wire Replacement for Access Control

  • Installs in minutes
  • Sure-as-a-wire
  • Competitive with true cost of wiring for all job types (easy and difficult wire pulls)
  • General purpose relays suitable for multiple applications
  • Chain multiple pairs for extended range
  • Works with any Wiegand protocol
  • 1 Wiegand input
  • 2 relay outputs (Wet or Dry)
  • Request to exit input (REX)
  • Door monitor input (DPS)
  • Battery backup input with battery charger and UPS function
  • DIN rail mount or direct wall mount
  • Signal Strength, Transmit & Receive indicators
  • Test Button for easy range testing
  • Field configurable and updatable with the Sure-Fi App
  • Up to 1 mile range through obstructions and 50+ miles line-of-sight
  • Patented Bunker Busting Technology, using 900 MHz
  • Works inside metal enclosures
  • Proprietary PCB Antenna design
  • FCC (USA) and IC (Canada) certied
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC (9VDC tp 15VDC)
  • Operating Current (@12VDC): 0.08A (idle), 0.3A (transmit)
  • Operating Power (@12VDC): 3.6 Watt (peak)
  • Transmit Power: 1 Watt (30dBm)
  • Frequency Band: 902 – 928MHz
  • Channels: 72 (Frequency Hopping)
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -133dBm
  • Link Budget: 163dB
  • Range: Up to 1 mile through obstructions and 50+ miles line-of-sight
  • Encryption: AES128
  • Battery Backup Connection: 12V Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) type only
  • Battery Charge Voltage: 13.75V maximum at standby
  • Relays: 2A 250VAC / 2A 250VDC wet or dry NO, NC, COM (x2)
  • Operating Temperature: -40 F to +185 F (-40 C to +85 C)
  • Storage Temperature: -67 F to +257 F (-55 C to +125 C)
  • Mounting Options: DIN (35mm x 7.5mm) or directly mount with two screws

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