Quick kit available with a proximity card reader, 10 cards and control software.

An affordable “thin client” networked access control.

The HighpowerPico is a reader gateway; a simple thin client device that is in essence, a software virtualized door access controller. The Pico accepts Wiegand input and provides card lookup, scheduling and access level management using an Ethernet network connection to the Highpower Management System PC based server software. Because this door access control device has limited onboard intelligence outside of basic door functions, it is more affordable than traditional networked controllers, but also has the ability to expand out to a virtually unlimited number of doors and card IDs.  It’s a good way to extend the HMS software suite to a single door.

With a good network and running server, the Highpower Pico provides reliable, high-level door access control functions via software, with functions that can be expanded as new software versions are introduced. The Pico door access control system uses Highpower’s proven HMS server software and client interface, which runs on a Windows operating system. HMS software also runs our offline devices, so many different types of hardware can be managed with the same software. The Pico is also compatible with third-party software for applications like tanning beds and club management.

The Pico is manufactured in our facility, and is Highpower Security Products’ own design, so our staff is able to make any design changes quickly, and we can adapt the product to new applications. We offer complete technical and deployment support for the platform direct from our offices, and are happy to respond to any customer requests.

Pico Door Access Control Features

  • Each Pico unit controls one door
  • No limitation on the number of card holders
  • No requirement for the software to “sync” with the device
  • Card data, schedules and settings can be changed in real-time on the server PC
  • Industry-standard Wiegand interface
  • Supports proximity, bar code and mag-stripe
  • Integrated Lantronix Ethernet adaptor sends data to a server PC
  • Housing material is flame retardant ABS plastic rated UL94-V0
  • Approximately 5″ x 7 1/2″ x 1.75″ in physical dimension
  • Designed and assembled in U.S.A. with foreign and domestic components

Pico Door Access Control Kit

Our Pico door access control kit includes everything needed to control door access, allowing you to quickly install your new system. Highpower Security can also customize the included hardware in the kit, tailoring the package to your needs. Our Pico Door Access Control Kit includes:

Door Access Control Operation

The Highpower Pico access control system only has memory to save basic configuration data – no card numbers or schedules are stored locally on the device. When a card is swiped on the reader, the Pico access contoller sends card data back to a listening server application that is running on a PC. The server application verifies the validity of the card data, and if the swipe is valid, the server application sends a command back to the Pico to trigger an on-board relay (which is used to control the locking device at the door). Because card transactions are processed on the PC and not on the hardware, the only limit on the number of card holders in a particular system is determined by the card format used. New tanning bed control features have been added to the HMS software, when used with the Pico, to manage the member’s usage of tanning bed intervals in gyms.

Door Access Control Software Support

The server application for the Pico door access control system can either be written as a custom application by a developer, or can utilize Highpower’s HMS software, which also provides full support for the Pico device.

When using this door access control system with HMS software, all features implemented in HMS with traditional devices are also supported in the Pico including card scheduling, unlocking schedules, expiration dates, holiday and event schedules and card access levels with real time updating and virtually no limit on the number of card holders. Because the access control system’s functions are defined in software, new features can be implemented in the system quickly just by making revisions to the server application.

Custom developer info for Pico access control system

Electromagnetic Locks

Durable magnetic door locks with 1200lb holding force, with different mounting options.

Pneumatic Timers

Required for safety codes, they keep the door unlocked for a set amount of time in case of emergency.

3500 Door Access Control System Kit

All the items for single door access control, for use with a PC or network.

Access Control Software

Highpower’s own access control software.