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Magnetic Lock Kits with NFPA compliant Egress Controls.

When using electromagnetic locks in a typical application, there are additional pieces of hardware that must be installed in order to comply with building fire codes. Highpower’s magnetic lock kits are designed to meet NFPA fire regulations for access control egress applications.

In accordance with NFPA codes, typically there must be a minimum of two devices used to release the electromagnetic lock. One device can either be a PIR motion detector or an electrified exit release bar (also called a “crash bar”). The second device must be a manual release button that has the words “PUSH TO EXIT” labeled. This push button must provide a 30 second time delay when pushed, and the time delay must act independent of the access control system (the delay must work on its own not tied into any other access control system). If the building has a fire alarm system, the electromagnetic lock must be tied into the fire control system so that the lock releases (unlocks) automatically during a fire alarm. The electromagnetic lock and door must also release upon the loss of main electrical power. Highpower magnetic lock kits may not be compliant with loss of power considerations if used with the on-board battery backup. Consult with your local fire authority to determine what codes are applicable in your jurisdiction.

Highpower’s DS-1200 electromagnetic lock kits are designed to meet these general code requirements, and are packaged optionally with a full size power supply designed to provide the correct current to ensure full performance with the DS-1200 magnetic lock. If you have your own existing power source, our DS-1200 electromagnetic lock kit with our power supply may be appropriate.

DS-1200 Electromagnetic Door Lock Kit Features

  • Everything you need in one complete magnetic lock kit for a safe installation
  • In-swinging and out-swinging door locking applications with optional bracketing available
  • Fail-safe operation releases lock instantly upon loss of power
  • Low current draw
  • Long service life as the electromagnetic lock has no moving parts to wear
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty on all electromagnetic lock kit components
  • Major components of the kit including the magnetic lock are Made in the USA
  • One DS-1200 Electromagnetic Door Lock – 1200 lb industrial electromagnetic lock 12/24VDC
  • One H100-628-PE-PNZ20 – Pushplate 100 push button, clear aluminum anodized finish, engraved “PUSH TO EXIT” with integrated timer
  • One DS-160 Motion Sensor – Request to exit PIR motion sensor. Easier to install than a crash bar and meets code to unlock the door when someone approaches.
  • Optionally, One H505-110 – A 1 AMP regulated DC power supply designed specifically for this application and magnetic locks.
  • Optional back-up batteries available, used to maintain door security during a power outage. Consult your fire authority before using the battery backup option with the system.

Highpower’s DS-1200 electromagnetic lock kits are available in two different models and with optional equipment, depending on your door installation needs. Please visit our main electromagnetic lock page for a description of in-swinging verses out-swinging doors.

  • DS-1200-110 Electromagnetic Lock Kit for out-swinging doors – The standard DS-1200 magnetic lock model is supplied with a surface mounting plate for easily installation on out-swinging doors.
  • DS-1200-TJ-110 Electromagnetic Lock Kit for in-swinging doors – The DS-1200-TJ-110 magnetic lock kit unit is furnished with extra bracketing including a “Z” armature bracket for in-swinging door installations.

Any 1200 series electromagnetic lock may be converted in the field for in-swing door applications using an in-swinging adaptor kit. An optional conduit fitting is available for the DS-1200 door lock to accommodate wire connections for exterior gate applications.

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