Highpower Management App

The Highpower Management App is designed to pair with the HighpowerOne, allowing users to create card number Data from their tablet/phone.

  • Have access to the Highpower One ‘Quick Edit’ utilities directly on your tablet/phone.
  • Add, delete, or edit card numbers to doors in either single, bulk, or name entry modes.
  • Sync card numbers directly to one or more Highpower Ones.
  • Able to quickly and easily add, delete, or edit Highpower One panels saved on your app.
  • Lookup existing card numbers for each Highpower One panel saved on your app.
  • The One Credential App is available for Android based smartphones, version 4.4 at minimum, recommend 9.0. For Apple phones and tablets, IOS Version 8.0 is required.

If you have any issues using the Highpower Management App feel free to Contact us for assistance at 800-991-3646.

Click here to view and read more about the HighpowerOne door controller.

Privacy Policy

Learn more about Privacy for the Highpower Management App

Thank you for your interest in Highpower products.  We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy.  If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, or our practices with regards to personal information, please contact us at sales@highpowersecurity.com  or, enter your information in the Contact Us section below.

We are glad to inform you that NONE of your personalized data is stored or used for our app.  No user data is gathered, as it is completely unrelated to any data necessary for the mobile apps function. We do not access, store, sell or give out your information in any way shape or form. Data that is relevant to the app’s usage is not personal and is entirely stored on your phone and stored on the HighpowerOne, which is the device that pairs with our app.  None of the data stored on the HighpowerOne is stored by Highpower in any form.  When data is sent between the app and the HighpowerOne, this data only travels to the HighpowerOne in use, and your data is not sent anywhere else. If you have any questions about this policy feel free to contact us.

Electromagnetic Locks

Durable magnetic door locks with 1200lb holding force, with different mounting options.

Pneumatic Timers

Required for safety codes, they keep the door unlocked for a set amount of time in case of emergency.

3500 Door Access Control System Kit

All the items for single door access control, for use with a PC or network.

Access Control Software

Highpower’s own access control software.

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