Access Control Features & Details.

The Highpower 3500 Door Controller’s server application can either be written as a custom application by a developer, or can utilize Highpower’s HMS software, which provides full support for the 3500 device.

If you are not a software developer and wish to deploy the 3500 immediately, Highpower provides a standard kit package, which includes the HMS software and a P-300 card reader with the 3500 unit. Highpower can help you deploy the software quickly by remoting to your customer’s PC directly via the Internet. When using the HMS software with the 3500, you can intermix Highpower’s extensive line of traditional intelligent hardware with your 3500 system, including the 8000 door controller.

Developer Support – Sample Code

Highpower provides a sample application written in Visual Basic .NET to illustrate how to implement your own server application. This sample application implements a real time, asynchronous server that supports the basic firmware functions of the 3500 unit. Developers are free to use this code or reference this code for use in any application implemented for the 3500.

Download Model 3500 Visual Studio 2010 (Vb.Net) Sample Application

Product Manual with Command Set

Our product manual includes detailed information on the command set used to control the 3500 unit, as well as specifics on the hardware connections. Highpower has worked to make the command set simple and understandable. By connecting to the 3500’s IP address and command port, you can send commands to the unit with your software that control the unit directly.

Developers typically set up an asynchronous listener application to receive the card swipes from the 3500 unit, using either TCP/IP or UDP protocols. Responses to the unit are sent back on the same channel to the command port for door unlocking, door position switch monitoring and to retrieve other information from the unit.

Download Model 3500 Product Manual and Lantronix Ethernet Adaptor Manual

Interfacing with HMS Server

In order to reduce development time, Highpower Security Products can provide detailed information on how to interface your application with programming interfaces built into our HMS Server software. Instead of implementing communications to the device directly in your application, you may instead choose to use our proven software server application to talk to the 3500 unit through programming interfaces. Highpower can provide custom integration commands in HMS Server tailored to your application needs. Contact the factory directly for help with HMS integration.

Electromagnetic Locks

Durable magnetic door locks with 1200lb holding force, with different mounting options.

Pneumatic Timers

Required for safety codes, they keep the door unlocked for a set amount of time in case of emergency.

3500 Door Access Control System Kit

All the items for single door access control, for use with a PC or network.

Access Control Software

Highpower’s own access control software.

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