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PDT-1 Proximity Disc TagProximity Disc TagAllows virtually any item to become a proximity ID method.

The PDT-1 Proximity Disc Tag is a member of the Pyramid Series Proximity™ line of OEM access control readers, cards and tags, and may be used with all of Highpower Security’s P-Series prox readers. With strong and reliable adhesive on one side, the PDT-1 is designed to be attached to other credentials, like ID badges, cell phones and wallets.

Disc tags are often useful in situations where sites are expanded to new areas with existing proximity reader access control. Instead of users needing to carry multiple credentials to navigate the multi-reader site, they can simply add a PDT-1 to their existing card. The PDT-1 also comes with optional AWID compatibility.

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  • Easy to carry - Just stick on to another credential
  • Simple site expansion - Adhere to existing credentials for multi-system compatibility
  • Proximity RFID technology - No direct physical contact required between tag and reader
  • Passive Operation - No batteries required
  • Wiegand and magnetic stripe data formats - Compatible with all standard access systems
  • AWID Compatible - Can be programmed with AWID compatibility
  • Exact coding as ordered, with no under-or-over runs - Provides for easy block enrollment into access system
  • Size - 1"-diameter x 0.0625"-thick (25.4 x 1.6mm)

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